The Dead Amulets
{ Coming Soon... New World..... }
My Original Characters with my sister...

----Kazhmiran & CuBur


-Headshot Sketches Pack-

Characters belong to us CuBur ~ Kazhmiran //<3
If you’d like my Headshot Sketch Character drawing, just ask me! 
..My Commission’s info: [CLICK] ^///^ 


Merry Christmas everyone…..

They are our characters.. Elmera, Marcus, Golda and Rann..

Hope u like them ^^

The Dead Amulets & NisAra


My character Najwa… Hope u like her <3 

Najwa….. Whoow, you are looks so cute.. Whoow… — Moran


Khan is here.. Rann’s little brother… Mini Chibi.. Hope u like him <3

Khan is so cute.. hahahaha —Rann ;)


Vondra mini chibi style.. by Kazhmiran


Khan mini chibi style Wip ^^ :))))

Mini Khan haha —-Rann


The Dead Amulets - Logan/Letum 

omg yaoi?(。□°)

Logan and Letum… Good Morning my darling… 


.:Halloween Project:.

  • Hello all! 

Yeah, I know.. I just was not doing something good for a long time. But i can not find the time for it..really! So, I started a project *ofcourse with the help of my sister* and therefore, I’m quite tired..! but still somewhat, im happy!!!( ;∀;) Well ok, this project about Halloween! *you know* I love this day…so, I’m trying to do something every year for this day. I hope i can do something good this time.. and When this is done, Just hope you like it!

That’s all for now! I’m going to continue to lineart.. 
and ……. Have a great weekend everybody!!! see ya soon! ♥

we’re waiting you girlz…….. - “moran

here is Logan..

hope u like him ♥